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            Our Target:

            Quality target: first-class appearance, first-class internal index, first-class service, first-class quality awareness
            Technical target: unable to be copied or exceeded
            Market target: wind vane effect
            Management target: management innovation with Chinese characteristics
            Service target: exceeding the customer's expectation
            Brand target: professional global brand of fine chemicals in China

            Our Prospect:

                We are engaged in the fine chemicals area, we take the lead of the same trade in the domestic area, we will also make efforts to become the first choice in the international market of the same trade.

            The company regards the medical intermediate as the core business and it is continuously improving the R&D capability and Industrialization capability of fine chemicals such as medical intermediates etc., expanding the global market, enhancing the technical advantages, in the future 10 years, we will grow into excellent manufacturer of fine chemicals from medical intermediates to raw material medicine etc. with international competitive force.

            Core Philosophy:Professional, focused, innovative, win-win situation

            Environmental conception: create green technology and reduce the environmental load.
            Health conception: the healthy life starts from the protection of the environment.
            Safety conception: in every matter, safety is supreme Preparedness ensures success, unpreparedness spells failure.
            Study conception: To learn and to review time to time, learn to meet practical needs, the learning force determines competitive force.
            Management conception: practice simplicity, square thinking with round action.
            Competition conception: take half step of lead, win the customer with quality products and do not struggle for market with low price.
            Service conception: happy for hearing our defects, rapid action, become perfect in the customer complaint.
            Innovation conception: be good at thinking and dare to take the lead
            Staffing conception: morality first, talent second, put a man in a position which he is fit for
            Quality conception: having both inside and outside, there's no rest for the best.
            Efficiency conception: do what is appropriate and discard what is inappropriate, create win-win situation with the customers.

            Style of work of the enterprise: behave first and then act. Promises must be kept and action must be resolute.


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